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Wings Like A Dove by Camille Eide

Love Finds A Way

Wings Like A Dove by Camille Eide is a powerful Christian historical novel that has its foundations in fact. Camille Eide has woven a fabulous tale.

The novel is set in 1933 in New York and a rural town in the heart of America. It is a time of the Great Depression. There is much poverty. Out of their poverty, some characters give what little they have to those who have even less. Where they see a need, it is met.

In contrast there are some bigoted, racially intolerant characters who work together to make life impossible for those whose skin is a different colour or whose religion is not seen as the ‘right’ one. “You could be despised for the odious crime of simply being born.” Prejudice is rife. The reader sees the appalling lengths some people will stoop to as characters see themselves as racially and morally superior.

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