Safe In His Arms by Julia Wilson

A Poem

In my sorrow and in my sadness

I look to You

But You are not there.

I pick up a brick

And begin building my wall.


In my worry and despair

I search for You

But You are not there.

Another brick.


In my anger and my heartache

I cry out to You

But You do not hear.

Another brick.


Where are You?

Why have You left?

Why do I feel so alone?


Drowning in a sea of





A whisper

“My child

Look up.”

I raise my eyes

I look into Your eyes

Soft, brown and kind.

I feel Your Arms around me

Holding me

Comforting me

Supporting me

Loving me.


Where were You?

Where did You go?

Why did You leave?


“Oh My child

I never left

I did not go

I did not leave

I was here

Beside you

Every step of the way.


In your sorrow

In your pain

In your anger.


You built a wall,

A wall around your heart

You could not feel Me.

Your eyes focused on sorrow

You could see Me.

Your ears blocked up

You could not hear Me.”


The scales fell

My eyes could see

My ears could hear

My heart could feel

As the walls fell down.


My heart could feel


Holding me

Healing me

Loving me.


My Lord and my God

You did not leave

You did not go.

It was I

Who wandered away.

Now I am home again


In Your Arms.


In Your Heart.


Because I am with You.


“Welcome home”

I hear You say,

“Do not leave again

I love you

My child.”


I rest in

The Arms

And the Heart

Of My Lord and Saviour

I am home.


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3 thoughts on “Safe In His Arms by Julia Wilson

  1. A beautiful, poignant and timely reminder of God’s promise to us that “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5). Safe in His Arms is a “good and faithful” servant’s lovely song of gratitude to her Lord and Savior. We can all be encouraged and instructed by this precious example of the Poets Art.

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