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A Disappearance In Fiji by Nilima Rao


A Disappearance In Fiji by Nilima Rao is an absolutely marvellous historical debut novel that I just could not put down.

The action is set in Fiji as we follow an Indian police sergeant, sent from Hong Kong, to help set up a working police force in Fiji. Unfortunately, at the police force’s head is a racist white man. The year is 1914 and it is white men who rule. Their word is law, it comes above the truth, as he would rather reports be rewritten than the truth to reign.

We witness a character having a crisis of conscience – tell the truth? Or toe the line? He must be able to live with his decision and to hold his head up high.

There is much racial prejudice and injustice within the novel. This should make us angry at the terrible conditions and treatment dished out to the Indian people – whether they were police officers or indentured servants. Everyone was judged on the colour of their skin and their gender. Very few saw the hearts that beat beneath the skin.

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The Empire by Michael Ball

A Dazzling Performance

The Empire by Michael Ball is a marvellous debut historical novel from the actor and singer who proves he is just as talented as an author.

The Empire gives a warm welcome to all who enter her pages. It is 1922, a new golden era for theatre. The First World War and the flu epidemic are gone, now it’s the time for the roaring twenties. Let Michael Ball whisk you away to the glamour and glitz.

We see that loyalty forged in the trenches remains. Some have suffered terribly as physical and mental scars remain. There were also some very grateful families who were pleased that their loved ones returned.

Family is important. Some lost members to the flu epidemic and are still recovering from loss.

The late nineteenth century reaches into the 1920’s as old secrets threaten to be unearthed.

New shows and new skills are encouraged as characters step out of the wings and into the spotlight.

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Three Sisters by Heather Morris

The Promise

 Three Sisters by Heather Morris is a powerful true story of survival during a time of great evil. It is a book that will horrify you as you witness the cruelty towards the Jewish people. It is a book that will inspire you as you observe the bonds of love between the three sisters. It is a book that needs to be read in memory of the six million innocents who perished.

Much of the book is set in Auschwitz and other camps, some is in the girls’ home in Slovakia and the book ends in Israel. The reader sees that “to survive one must remain invisible.”

Auschwitz was a place of unbelievable horrors. The three sisters each had the desire to survive in order to help each other and to fulfill a promise made to their father in 1929. “We Meller girls must stay strong and carry hope in our hearts.” They carried love too.

The camps tested a person’s faith. Some clung on to God. Others questioned. “We needed God in those camps, and where was He?” God walked beside them in the pits of hell but His presence could not always be felt. Our feelings are unreliable. God was there with His children.

People did what they had to in order to survive. “She has chosen to survive, so don’t ever judge her.” Heather Morris vividly describes the horrendous conditions, cruelty and torture of the innocents. Pictures have been planted in my brain through her words that are now impossible to ‘unsee.’

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