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Victory Bells For The Harpers Girls by Rosie Clarke

Community Care And Compassion

 Victory Bells For The Harpers Girls by Rosie Clarke is a marvellous historical novel. It is the sixth book in the Harpers Emporium series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The novel covers the year 1918, a year that everyone hoped would bring the end to the world war. As the book closes on 1918 we see the hope of peace has materialised.

War touches everyone. Many suffered losses. Those who did return often left pieces of themselves on the battlefields of Europe. Many suffered physical wounds – disfigurations were common as it was only with the end of World War I that plastic surgery and reconstructions began. The men who returned whole in body had often left their minds behind. Shell shock or PTSD was not understood. The returning men needed love, care and compassion. Their families witnessed huge personality changes in previously mild-mannered men.

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