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The Waterfront Lass by AnneMarie Brear

Kind Hearts & Good Manners

The Waterfront Lass by AnneMarie Brear is a fabulous historical novel which I really enjoyed.

The action is set in Wakefield in 1870. The reader drops into both the homes of the working classes and the drawing rooms of the upper class. We see that for some, there is no distinction but for others, clear class lines are drawn.

What makes someone a lady or a gentleman? It is not wealth or status but manners that makes a person. We witness the dreadful snobbery of some, in contrast to the kind hearts of others.

Philanthropy is practiced as purse strings are opened to those in need. We see the generous hearts of those who have little sharing with those who have nothing. Budgeting is important, whether you have much or little.

Friendships are beautiful to see. There are some very heart-warming alliances within the book. I loved dropping in on the conversations with the gardener and also the new ladies maid.

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