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The Lost Girl In Paris by Jina Bacarr

Never Again

The Lost Girl In Paris by Jina Bacarr is a powerful dual timeline novel that will break your heart.

The story is set in 2003 and also during World War II in Europe. The chapters alternate between the two time periods as an octogenarian relates her wartime experiences. The reader witnesses the determination and bravery to survive.

Surviving the war naturally traumatizes a character who has kept silent for years but realizes now is the time to share her story in memory of those who died and in the hope that it never again happens.

Life in Ravensbruck, Auschwitz and Dachau was hell on earth but there were pockets of kindness which needed to be grabbed and memories held on to.

There were not just Jews in the camps but political prisoners and gypsies. The leading character is a French gypsy who refuses to deny her rich heritage.

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