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The Golden Oldies Book Club by Judy Leigh

Never Too Old

The Golden Oldies Book Club by Judy Leigh is the most delightful, fun-filled contemporary novel that will warm your heart on a dull winter’s day.

Once more Judy Leigh has constructed a totally charming tale that I adored. Her characters are an eclectic mix raging in age from teens to a great grandmother in her nineties. The main characters are in their early seventies.

These characters show the reader that while there’s breath in their bodies, life is for living. We are never too old to try new things and to have new adventures.

This is a cosmopolitan read as we travel from a cider-making farm in Somerset to one in France for a week. There are similarities and differences showing we can all learn from each other.

There are many different households making up the village – from marriages in trouble to singletons to multi-generational families. Each household has different challenges to face and to overcome.

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