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Fraser by Susan May Warren

You Are Mine

Fraser by Susan May Warren is a marvelous Christian suspense and the first book in a brand new series, The Minnesota Marshalls.

As a fan of the author, it was wonderful to meet up with old faces in this new series.

We see characters who are consumed by guilt over past events, worrying about what they cannot change. They are determined to do better and operate a policy of ‘not on my watch.’ They feel as if they have to be continually on duty. They have forgotten that when they know God, they are not alone. Life is a partnership with Him. It “is His way of showing you that you need Him more than you need a grand purpose.” God wants to be needed by us – not for His sake but for ours.

Trust is a major theme. God wants us to let go of the tight grip that we have on life, and to trust Him. When we cannot see the way, we need to lean into Him.

Prayer is important. We need to pray at all times and be sure to listen for the answers. “He couldn’t hear Him. Or maybe he was just out of practice listening.” As we pray more and listen more, we will learn to recognize God’s voice. Sometimes when we do not hear God, we fear God has forgotten us. “God hasn’t forgotten you.” God is always beside us.

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Once Upon A Winter Wonderland by Various


Once Upon A Winter Wonderland is a delightful collection of four novellas by four Christian authors. Each story deals with the same time period and setting but is told through different eyes. Each story perfectly complements the others. This is a perfectly charming book to read in the run up to the festive season.

A Beautiful Sight by Rachel D Russell shows how nerves can get the best of us in the lead up to our wedding. We all hope for the perfect wedding but a wedding is just one day, marriage is for a lifetime. We need to include God in our marriages. A cord of three strands is not easily broken. We need to give and receive forgiveness and remember to pray about all things. My favourite quote was: “Don’t let fear tear you away from the wonderful plans God has for you.”

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No Matter The Cost by Susan May Warren

A Thrilling Conclusion

No Matter The Cost by Susan May Warren is the thrilling conclusion to The Epic Story Of RJ And York series which needs to be read in order as each book follows on where the last one left off.

The action comes thick and fast as we follow the characters across Germany. Unsure of what the future holds, the characters learn to trust a certain God with an uncertain future.

There are still those threatening to derail lives. Battles become personal as figures from the past pop up.

This has been an exciting series that would translate perfectly into action suspense movies.

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I Will Find You by Susan May Warren

Always And Forever

I Will Find You by Susan May Warren is the second book in The Epic Story Of RJ And York series. It is a marvellous tale following on the heels of book one which you need to read first.

The book is an epic adventure suspense as the action moves from Germany to Italy and beyond to a fantasy island off the coast of England and found in Rachel Hauck’s novels about the house of blue. There are bullets to dodge and disasters to escape from as the actions heats up to red hot!

The characters are brave and daring as they face whatever comes their way. They have a duty to protect and to seek out perpetrators.

Simmering alongside the action are two love stories – one in present day and one in the past. The characters realise the importance of having God in their marriage as a chord of three strands is not easily broken.

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