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Wyatt by Susan May Warren

All This And Jesus Too

  Wyatt by Susan May Warren is a gripping contemporary Christian romantic suspense that I just could not put down and read in just one sitting. It is the fourth book in the Montana Marshalls series and could be read as a stand-alone. I however recommend reading all the books in order so you can join all the dots.

Wow, this Montana Marshalls series is completely enthralling, my heart racing with all the action. There are locations of America and Russia, traditional Cold War enemies. Agents from both sides pit their wits. Chase scenes, terrorists and homemade bombs all add to the suspense, as well as cyber hacking. The reader is in for a thrilling ride. I cannot wait to continue the action in book five.

Add to all this, the heart and hand of God, and Wyatt really does have it all. Too often we try to work our way to be ‘good enough’ for God when we are already loved and cherished. There is nothing more to be done as Jesus did it all on the cross. God says trust Me in all situations and let Me love you. “You’re enough and you’re loved because God says so.”

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Ford by Susan May Warren

Our Breacher

Ford by Susan May Warren is a thrilling contemporary Christian suspense that will have your heart racing as you follow the action. It is the third book in the Montana Marshalls series but can be read as a stand-alone. I however enjoyed catching up with familiar faces.

Once again the Marshall brothers continue to fight against corruption and rescue others. Their motto of no one being left behind continues. There is the theme of trust as characters find themselves stranded in Russia. Can the law enforcement agencies be trusted? Who exactly is telling the truth? As life seems to be unsure we need to know the One who always has our back. “Life is… unpredictable… But with God at the helm, it wasn’t out of control.” No matter how crazy life seems, nothing surprises God. He sees our end from our beginning.

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Tate by Susan May Warren

Just Show Up

Tate by Susan May Warren is a marvelous Christian contemporary romantic suspense. It is the second book in the Montana Marshalls series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Domestic terrorism is at the height of the novel. It is designed to upset the internal workings of America and spread fear and distrust. We cannot always be living in fear, we need to trust that God has got this. “Stop living in fear that it’s all going to crumble.”

The reader enters the world of bodyguards. We see the dedication, bravery and resilience needed to protect others as bodyguards put themselves in the line of fire. “He doesn’t know the word quit.”

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Storm Front by Susan May Warren

Hope, Trust, Love

Storm Front by Susan May Warren is a marvellous Christian contemporary adventure. It is the fifth book in the Montana Rescue series but can be read as a stand-alone. However I would recommend reading the whole series as you really get to know the characters who ‘feel’ like old friends.

The main themes are hope and rescue. We all need to be rescued from a life of disconnection from God. “As long as we think we’re enough, God can do nothing for us.” If we think we can make it through life alone, we are wrong. We all need God. We may feel abandoned by God in our trials but He never leaves us. “My faith won’t protect me from loss, but it will carry me.” Faith is not a crutch for the weak. Faith is a lifeline for us all. “Don’t let your circumstances tell you who God is.” God is far bigger than any circumstances we face.

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