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Once Upon A Winter Wonderland by Various


Once Upon A Winter Wonderland is a delightful collection of four novellas by four Christian authors. Each story deals with the same time period and setting but is told through different eyes. Each story perfectly complements the others. This is a perfectly charming book to read in the run up to the festive season.

A Beautiful Sight by Rachel D Russell shows how nerves can get the best of us in the lead up to our wedding. We all hope for the perfect wedding but a wedding is just one day, marriage is for a lifetime. We need to include God in our marriages. A cord of three strands is not easily broken. We need to give and receive forgiveness and remember to pray about all things. My favourite quote was: “Don’t let fear tear you away from the wonderful plans God has for you.”

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Can’t Buy Me Love by Andrea Christenson

Totally Charming

Can’t Buy Me Love by Andrea Christenson is a charming contemporary Christian novel loosely based on the Cinderella story. It is the second book in the Deep Haven Collection series.

We all have dreams. It is important to pursue our own dreams and not to be pressured into following the dreams of others. Our dreams will drive us forwards with a passion and a focus.

Sometimes we feel we have to work to earn our place within our family. In contrast in God’s family we are loved for who we are. “[God] loves you for yourself, not for what you can do for Him.” We witness characters who only do things for what they can receive in return. In contrast there are those who give out of the love in their hearts.

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