All Of You by Sarah Monzon

Real Live Superheroes

All Of You by Sarah Monzon is a marvellous Christian historical and contemporary romance which I loved.

The action alternates between 1944 and present day, following two very modern, forward thinking and unconventional heroines. Two ladies both operating in a man’s world. They face opposition – not only fighting the Nazis in 1944 but also fighting the attitude of men who believe that the only place for women is in the home.

The airfields of England in 1944 and the towns of present day America offer the reader two different views of life. In both, the reader is cheering on the ladies in their male dominated world, as we get totally engrossed in their lives.

We have to trust God is good all the time, even when life feels against us. “Why did You let this happen? I’ve followed You and served You all my life.” God never just lets things happen to us but He can use our circumstances to grow us in our faith and help us to rely on Him.

There are times when God is silent. “The silence that answered His prayers drove him mad.” Never mistake silence for inaction or uncaring. God cares and is working even when we cannot see any evidence.

Sometimes God speaks but we think we have misheard. “Stowing the verse away in the must-have-heard-God-wrong file.” I have been guilty of doing that too.

We are to pray at all times. “Oh God. A prayer of two words, but she was certain the good Lord would fill in the blanks.” When we have no words, God sees our heart.

God’s measurement and man’s measurement are sometimes poles apart. “If a man didn’t have a pedigree and a considerable bank account, he wasn’t worthy.” Our values need to line up with God’s. We need to look at the heart of people.

The novel shows how our attitude affects our aptitude. With our eyes fixed firmly on God, there is nothing we cannot achieve.

I loved the characters in All Of You. There were real superheroes – men and women who were prepared to sacrifice all for the sake of their country. The women were spunky and unconventional in their roles, a mixture of strong yet vulnerable. There was a wonderful family ethos.

All Of You is a marvellous tale linking the heroes of the past and the present in one fabulous story.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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