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Hope Between The Pages by Pepper D Basham

The Library Fairy And The Book Goblin

Hope Between The Pages by Pepper D Basham is a most delightful Christian dual timeline novel. It is part of the Doors To The Past series.

The novel is about the love of books that has passed down the generations. We hear about the love stories in present day and 1916. Stories fire up the imagination and link us down the years. Blackwells is a family bookshop that “was built on love.”

The action alternates between the two time periods and the voices of a great grandmother and her great granddaughter. The reader travels between America and the Lake District. As an English woman I loved having locations that mentioned Skiddaw, Derwent Water and Scafell Pike as I have holidayed in the area and these places are familiar.

Life in 1916 was still class based even though the world was on the brink of change. For some class held no sway. “It’s important to be seen as a person instead of a position.” Hearts united over a love of books with no thought to class. Others clung to the old order of things.

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Timeless Love: Romance Stories That Span The Ages by Various

Waiting For Mr Darcy

Timeless Love: Romance Stories That Span The Ages is a set of seven tales ranging from 1814 to present day. They are all unique with their characters and settings but perfectly complement each other with similar themes. I loved them all but definitely had a favourite. I wonder which one you like best?

Give Me Thine Heart by Andrea Boeshaar is set in 1814 at the height of the conflict between Britain and America. Caught up in the world of spies, the reader is enthralled with the exploits on the high seas. People are motivated by either God or money. Hearts that serve others are to be applauded. amusing dialogue entertains the reader. A great story to kick off the collection.

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