Timeless Love: Romance Stories That Span The Ages by Various

Waiting For Mr Darcy

Timeless Love: Romance Stories That Span The Ages is a set of seven tales ranging from 1814 to present day. They are all unique with their characters and settings but perfectly complement each other with similar themes. I loved them all but definitely had a favourite. I wonder which one you like best?

Give Me Thine Heart by Andrea Boeshaar is set in 1814 at the height of the conflict between Britain and America. Caught up in the world of spies, the reader is enthralled with the exploits on the high seas. People are motivated by either God or money. Hearts that serve others are to be applauded. amusing dialogue entertains the reader. A great story to kick off the collection.

The Heart Of The Home by Stephenia H McGee is set in 1865 following the end of the American Civil War. The country has been devastated. Everyone on both sides have lost so much. The people are scarred by their losses. Women have lost their men folk and must manage the best they can. The Good Samaritan spirit is still alive as people do good to those in need which contrasts with the carpet baggers. War changes relationships even with God. “He’d lost sight of God… but… he knew God had not forgotten him.” At our darkest times, God walks with us. I loved the inclusion of a stray dog who attached himself to a new master. Another great story.

This Freedom Journey by Misty M Beller is set in the wilderness in the winter of 1833. Thrown together due to inclement weather, two strangers have to work together to survive. This is a tale of overcoming, both the grief of the past and the circumstances of the present. Together we can achieve more than alone. There are some heart stopping moments but God is good and God is faithful. With God in our lives, we are unbeatable.

Enchanting Nicholette by Dawn Crandall concerns reputations, new beginnings and fresh starts. We are not bound by our past reputations. It is always unfair to judge. We must rise or fall by our own actions. A traumatic event may lock us into our past. We need to take our fear to God and trust Him and have the courage to live again. There were some highly humorous moments, including lessons on dating. A delightful tale that reminded me of Downton Abbey American style.

Teach Me To Love by Kari Trumbo is a powerful romance set in 1899. It explores the devastating effect of the tongue can have on lives. “I don’t want to be worthless anymore.” Too often we believe the words spoken over us when they are a lie from the enemy. The story shows the importance of learning – not just letters but learning to live, trust and hope again. A name change signifies a character change reminding the reader that Jesus gives us a new name when we are adopted into His family. There is the difficult topic of domestic abuse that affects both mind and body. This links to the theme of healing. Some important lessons are to be learnt in this tale.

Facade by Pepper D Basham is set during WWII. It concerns secret agents in occupied France showing their cunning and bravery. Childhood friends reunite to play out their mission. A marvellous tale of derring do, family loyalties and God who understands our joys and our sadness. Action moves from London parlours to French castles.

Bookishly Ever After by Sarah Monzon is a sweet contemporary story to close the collection. The story surrounds books. Books are not just for enjoyment but can be used as an escape and a refuge. Books are ‘safe’ but should we really hide from the real world and miss out? I loved all the references to books, characters and films, I felt right at home. With a love story bubbling underneath, it was just perfect.

This has been a wonderful collection of tales.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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