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Edward Bear Stories by Ruth Beavington

Delightfully Charming

Edward Bear Stories by Ruth Beavington is an absolutely delightful book for young children or for anyone who is a teddy bear addict – that’s me!

There are ten stories around a range of subjects from a new baby to a beach trip to winter. All the stories are totally charming, appealing to all. I could not choose a favourite.

Every page has a photograph of Edward Bear wearing various appropriate outfits and in different poses and places. Each photo is accompanied by a sentence of writing, sometimes in rhyme. The photographs are packed with detail, giving you lots to talk about with your children.

Either at the beginning or the end of most tales there are questions or activities. Sometimes it is a choice – what do you like out of…? Sometimes it is hunting for a particular object on each page – for example, a yellow duck.

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