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Camp Survival by Olly Goldenberg

Utterly Brilliant

Camp Survival by Olly Goldenberg is a unique Christian book just perfect for ages ten years and over. It is a book about friendship and bullies and choices – and over it all is the wisdom and love of God for all His children.

God wants us to make good choices. We will always have the choice to do the right thing. Our choices always have consequences.

Throughout the book there are snippets of scripture that are relevant to the different situations we find ourselves in.

We see the importance of prayer, even praying for our enemies. Even when we feel we are alone, God has not left us. He walks alongside us. We also see the importance of being a good friend.

As Christians we need to spread the Good News of Jesus to all our friends.

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Teddy Loves Christmas by Olly Goldenberg and Laura Hilton

Perfect For Toddlers

Teddy Loves Christmas by Olly Goldenberg and Laura Hilton is the next book in The Adventures Of Teddy series aimed at toddlers and young children.

Once again there is beauty in its simplicity as we learn about the first Christmas and the reason why Jesus came – to save us all from our sins.

There is repetition helping to re-enforce the message of Christmas. The authors also link present day Christmas objects/events to Jesus as we see why we have the things we have at Christmas e.g. the star, the visitors, gifts etc. We learn that Teddy really loves Christmas because he really loves Jesus.

All the illustrations are simply drawn in bright, eye-catching colours to appeal to young children.

The whole book is perfect to read to toddlers and young children, introducing them to Jesus.

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God’s Generals For Kids: Evan Roberts by Roberts Liardon and Olly Goldenberg


God’s Generals For Kids: Evan Roberts by Roberts Liardon and Olly Goldenberg is the true account of Evan Robert’s life. It is perfect for ages eight years and over and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Evan Roberts, even though I am considerably older than the target market. He was a new figure to me.

Evan Roberts was responsible for the 1904/05 revival in Wales and for a lesser revival in the 1920’s. He was a godly child who “loved leading them [his friends] to Jesus.” No matter how young or old we are, God can use us mightily if we just surrender to Him.

Evan Roberts always had a heart for God and for others. He started down the pit at just twelve years old and even then, was leading grown men to Jesus.

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Life In Lockdown 2020 by Olly Goldenberg

Perfect For The Under 12’s

Life In Lockdown 2020 by Olly Goldenberg is a brilliant resource for children to help them to process all that has happened and what is continuing to happen.

This is a puzzle book that helps children to not only think about events but to think about what God says about things. There are relevant Bible verses scattered throughout that provide talking points for your child. The puzzles include word grids, scrambled words, shadow matches and more. There are spaces to doodle in and also stick photos in, colour and so much more.

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