Camp Survival by Olly Goldenberg

Utterly Brilliant

Camp Survival by Olly Goldenberg is a unique Christian book just perfect for ages ten years and over. It is a book about friendship and bullies and choices – and over it all is the wisdom and love of God for all His children.

God wants us to make good choices. We will always have the choice to do the right thing. Our choices always have consequences.

Throughout the book there are snippets of scripture that are relevant to the different situations we find ourselves in.

We see the importance of prayer, even praying for our enemies. Even when we feel we are alone, God has not left us. He walks alongside us. We also see the importance of being a good friend.

As Christians we need to spread the Good News of Jesus to all our friends.

I thought Camp Survival was utterly brilliant. There is a unique layout – you start at the first page but where you go afterwards is up to you. Each section gives you an ‘either/or’ choice. Depending on which you choose depends on how your story progresses. Each time you read you can get a different story as you choose where to go.

The whole book is utterly brilliant, totally fascinating and very engaging. The reader really feels as if they are part of the story as you work through the book.

Camp Survival is a book that will never grow old as you make different choices each time you read, depending on your mood.

Camp Survival is quite simply put – utterly brilliant and also full of the love and wisdom of God.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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