God’s Generals For Kids: Evan Roberts by Roberts Liardon and Olly Goldenberg


God’s Generals For Kids: Evan Roberts by Roberts Liardon and Olly Goldenberg is the true account of Evan Robert’s life. It is perfect for ages eight years and over and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Evan Roberts, even though I am considerably older than the target market. He was a new figure to me.

Evan Roberts was responsible for the 1904/05 revival in Wales and for a lesser revival in the 1920’s. He was a godly child who “loved leading them [his friends] to Jesus.” No matter how young or old we are, God can use us mightily if we just surrender to Him.

Evan Roberts always had a heart for God and for others. He started down the pit at just twelve years old and even then, was leading grown men to Jesus.

For the whole of his life, Evan Roberts served Jesus. He kept his eyes on Him and was an obedient servant. He prayed “God give me 100,000 souls in Wales I pray.” God honoured his prayer. “When God moves there is nothing He cannot do.” We will see exciting things happen and lives transformed when God is on the move.

This book is accessible for all. Early readers can read it themselves. For younger children, parents could read a chapter a day. It would be good to use the chapters as discussion points with our children.

The book includes an activity section for children as well as photos of Evan Roberts. It is always good to put faces to names. I think the book would be perfect for individual study or to use in Sunday school groups.

God’s Generals For Kids is a marvellous series for any of us to learn about faithful servants of God. I am looking forward to reading more in this series. Pick up any of the books and be inspired today.

I will let Evan Roberts have the final word:

“You can always smile at the world, when God smiles at your soul.”

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I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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