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The 6pm Frazzled Mums’ Club by Nina Manning

All For One

The 6pm Frazzled Mums Club by Nina Manning is an absolutely charming contemporary novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. It carries on from The 3am Shattered Mums’ Club but can be read as a stand-alone. I recommend reading the previous book first to get the background and to see character progression.

It was a pure delight to catch up with familiar characters as the new mums from the first book are now waving goodbye to their little ones at the school gates. It is a time of great change as a new chapter in lives begins.

The three new mums from book one now face a time when they can follow their different dreams. They also have a wealth of experience that they can use to help support others who are struggling with parenthood.

The playground can be a vicious arena – for mums as well as for children!

Now is the time to pick up lives again – one mum returns to singing, her first love; another starts a new venture following her lifelong dream; and a third – can you guess? Read the book to find out!

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The 3am Shattered Mums Club by Nina Manning

A Network Of Care

The 3am Shattered Mums Club by Nina Manning is a charming contemporary novel that had me captivated from the start.

An eclectic mix of new mums were very easy to empathise with. Although it is nearly thirty years since I had my youngest, I was immediately transported back to the early days of motherhood!

3am is definitely the loneliest hour when everyone else in the whole world seems to be sleeping. It is a brilliant idea to set up a WhatsApp group in order to connect with others who are awake at that time.

Being a new mum is not always a bed of roses. Bodies need time to recover but babies are high maintenance. I found the problems faced by the new mums were universal – tiredness, leaking milk, soreness etc. It always helps to talk with others who are in the same boat.

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