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The Words We Lost by Nicole Deese

United By Love

The Words We Lost by Nicole Deese is a most beautiful contemporary Christian novel that I just could not putdown. It is A Fog Harbor Romance book.

There are some books that just speak to your soul, and this is one such book. It is a book about friendship, love and loss. The grief found within its’ pages is palpable. “Postponing grief may not be the healthy approach… but sometimes it feels the only approach a person can handle.” This is a grief that paralyses, consumes and is obviously, never ending. “There are no winners in grief – only survivors.”

There are two huge losses within the novel – her father and her friend. “She carried his [dad] absence with her everywhere she went.” There is no recovery program for loss. One just has to navigate the best that we can.

There are two stories within the book – present day, and earlier in the form of a manuscript telling the tale of three friends. It is a gift from beyond the grave. Secrets have been kept in order to protect. Now the truth needs to come to light. We release the burden that has been carried. “Practice letting go of the guilt that’s not ours to hold on to.” Guilt will sink us if we do not surrender it.

God walks beside us in our grief, whether we ‘feel’ Him or not. He is there. She hoped “for a miracle from a God I so desperately wanted to believe had heard my prayers.” God always hears our prayers but doesn’t always answer in the way we want Him to. It is at these times that we have to cling to God and believe that He is good even when life isn’t. “I’m simply trying to focus on having faith enough for today.”

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All That Really Matters by Nicole Deese

Heart Warming

All That Really Matters by Nicole Deese is the most beautiful contemporary Christian novel that will leave you smiling as you celebrate the goodness of God.

The story is about the riches of life. These riches are never found in possessions or bank accounts. These riches are found in people. We see characters’ lives opening up as they realise that their true worth is found within. They are more than the clothes they wear. They are more than all their mistakes. They are all priceless sons and daughters of the King.

The main setting is in a house for older teens who have left the foster system. They are all trying to make a life, whilst carrying their baggage from the past. They “were more than the scars they wore from their pasts.”

Everyone is unique and everyone has individual talents. We need to celebrate our uniqueness and stop trying to mold ourselves into the shape of another. “Stop trying to hide what God has created to be seen.” Celebrate the gift you have been given.

 None of us know what tomorrow brings. We need to trust God and “don’t borrow worry.”

Lives are not always able to be controlled by us. Things will always happen that are out of our control. In the midst of the storm, rest in the arms of the Father. Trust His timing. “God continued to prove His timing was right on schedule. Even when that schedule wasn’t made by me.”

A character has known God but drifted away. “I spoke to the God I’d believed in as a girl.” All of heaven rejoices when the prodigal returns home.

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