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The World Of Sylvanian Families

So Delightful

The World Of Sylvanian Families is the most delightful and beautiful hardback book that celebrates over thirty five years of the Sylvanian families worldwide.

The Sylvanian families started in Japan in 1985 and was introduced to the UK in 1987. From small beginnings it has grown massively to even include theme parks and restaurants.

Over the years more and more families have been introduced, as well as transport, houses and much more.

This book is simply beautiful. It is a keepsake that children (and adults) will want to visit again and again.

We hear about the origins of Sylvania in a story and are introduced to all the characters.

Detailed maps lay out the places in Sylvania, and then we focus in on the individual buildings.

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Escape To The River Sea by Emma Carroll


Escape To The River Sea by Emma Carroll is an exciting children’s historical novel that is guaranteed to entertain all those aged eight years and over.

The novel is set at the end of World War II as we follow a young girl who was sent to England from Austria before war started as she was Jewish. Her mother and sister were left behind. Now war is over, and she is looking and waiting for the post with a letter to say her mum and sister survived. The reader can ‘feel’ the tension and disappointment as each day passes with no news. However, she still clings to hope.

There was another search running parallel. This takes the characters and the reader to the Amazon to look for the famed Giant Sloth. We are treated to the sights and sounds of the jungle under the skillful pen of Emma Carroll.

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The Diddakoi by Rumer Godden

A Timeless Classic

The Diddakoi  by Rumer Godden is a powerful children’s novel for ages ten and over. It is a timeless classic for all.

The reader witnesses how hard it can be to fit in at school when you are seen as different. Children, especially girls, can be cruel but they do have the capacity to be kind too.

It is important to remember our heritage and to keep it alive.

Loss hurts, especially when it seems that everything you know has been taken from you. Seven year old Kizzy needs love, patience and care to heal. She needs people around her who understand her needs.

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