The World Of Sylvanian Families

So Delightful

The World Of Sylvanian Families is the most delightful and beautiful hardback book that celebrates over thirty five years of the Sylvanian families worldwide.

The Sylvanian families started in Japan in 1985 and was introduced to the UK in 1987. From small beginnings it has grown massively to even include theme parks and restaurants.

Over the years more and more families have been introduced, as well as transport, houses and much more.

This book is simply beautiful. It is a keepsake that children (and adults) will want to visit again and again.

We hear about the origins of Sylvania in a story and are introduced to all the characters.

Detailed maps lay out the places in Sylvania, and then we focus in on the individual buildings.

There are pages dedicated to the family activities throughout the seasons.

This book is a pure delight for anyone aged three years and older. I wanted to jump into the book and live in Sylvania!

There are some pearls of wisdom. I shall let the Sylvanian families have the final words.

“We can do it if we work together”, and my favourite:

“The journey seemed to go much quicker in the company of friends.”

Grab yourself a copy today and lose yourself in the world of make-believe.


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