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The German Nurse by M.J. Hollows

Blending Fact And Fiction

The German Nurse by M.J. Hollows is a heart wrenching historical novel that will compel you to keep reading long into the night.

The novel concerns the Second World War years when Guernsey was occupied by the Nazis. The reader sees the hardships the islanders faced. We witness the bravery and the quiet defiance. We view the small acts of rebellion.

Not every German was a Nazi but every German was caught up in Hitler’s war. Everyone was faced with the choice – to act with compassion or cruelty.

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Goodbye For Now by M.J. Hollows

Cannon Fodder

Goodbye For Now by M.J. Hollows is an absolutely heart breaking account of the First World War both at home and at the front. The reader ‘lives’ throughout the war. We see the futility – everybody loses on both sides. The total waste of life. Young men used as cannon fodder. Young men, even underage signed up believing “It’ll be an adventure.”

War is not an adventure. War is hard. War changes people, at times they become robotic, believing the lies and propaganda they are told. “The German figures…  weren’t human, they were only his enemies.” Really? Brain washed by the war machine. No doubt, the German soldiers believed the same thing about the allies.

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