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The Gift by Stephanie Matthews

Yea Though I Walk Through The Valley

The Gift by Stephanie Matthews is a contemporary Christian allegorical story that has the reader glued and guessing from the start.

Life is always a battle between good and evil but “truth doesn’t change.” What God said in the past is still true today, regardless of the opinions of others. We need to beware of which voice we are listening to. The enemy loves to mimic and confuse us. We need to always be discerning.

People are the greatest barrier to others knowing Jesus. We need to make sure that we walk the walk as we may be the only representatives of Jesus that some people see.

There is power in prayer. “Every miracle begins with prayer.” We need to stay plugged in to the source.

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The Gift by Louise Jensen

Do I Even Trust Me?

The Gift by Louise Jensen is a fabulous contemporary psychological thriller that had me gripped from the start. The first chapter actually begins near the end of the action so I was asking questions and embroiled in the book from the start.

Grief can grab a hold of us. “Grief has sucked the life from her.” Grief consumes and will suspend us in time. When people face the death of loved ones, they often “prayed to a God they didn’t believe in.” People are desperate and cling to any hope that they can.

When money motivates, life often takes a downward turn. We need correct priorities. “There are worse things to lose than money.”

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The Gift: The Parable Of The Key by Kathryn E Jones

Remember Who You Are

The Gift: The Parable Of The Key by Kathryn E Jones is the third book in the parables series but can be read as a stand-alone. It is a contemporary Christian novel and beautifully written.

There are many themes including that of loss and restoration. The novel will tug on your heart and tears will fall. Through the loss it is important to lean on God. Loss brings two responses – to pull away from God or to draw closer to Him. The theme of loss is linked to faith and trust. In difficult times, we need to trust that God knows what He’s doing. That He has a plan. That He will work all things together for good, even if we cannot see it. And that He is the God of restoration and He will make all things new.

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