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Keeping Christmas by Dan Walsh

Very Charming

Keeping Christmas by Dan Walsh is the most charming contemporary Christian Christmas novel as we join a couple in the run up to Christmas.

Grown up children living miles away, sees a couple celebrate Thanksgiving alone and now face the prospect of Christmas alone. This hits the wife hard as she spirals downwards. All her memories of Christmases past are tied up with her children. She finds it impossible to lift her spirits back up.

Memories can heal or pull one down. It all depends on how we view them.

We meet big hearted characters who practice self-sacrifice. Nothing is more important than family. Priorities are in the right place.

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Keeping Christmas by Dan Walsh

A Love That Binds

Keeping ChristmasKeeping Christmas by Dan Walsh is a perfect read in the lead up to Christmas.

Stan and Judith are ’empty nesters’. Their three children are grown up and have moved several states away. None of them could come for Thanksgiving, and then they individually dropped the bombshell – none of them could afford to come for Christmas. Stan takes it in his stride. Judith hits rock bottom.

Dan Walsh covers the theme of depression sensitively. He shows how quickly one can reach the bottom of the pit, in spite of having the loving support of a spouse and friends. And how hard it is to lift oneself out of that pit.

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