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What Follows After by Dan Walsh

Mending The Broken

What Follows After by Dan Walsh is a powerful Christian historical suspense novel about the goodness and the faithfulness of God.

The novel is set in 1962 as the world teeters on the edge of another world war and at the height of the Cold War. As the world waits with baited breath, so a family waits as their world is rocked. 1962 was a very different time to today. Dan Walsh has perfectly captured the atmosphere of fear, of a lack of personal phones, the movement of the military and the use of personal servants. We see the dynamics of a young man who was closer to the Negro lady who bought him up than to his own mother.

Failed marriages in 1962 were seen as shameful. As a family hides behind a smoke screen of lies, their world is shaken to the core. “Was God punishing her for all those lies?” God is a good Father. He does not punish us in that way. It is just life that is hard.

We need to build our lives on firm foundations. We need to build them on the Rock so that when the hard times come, and they will, we will not crumble.

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Remembering Christmas by Dan Walsh

Awakening and Transformation

Remembering ChristmasRemembering Christmas by Dan Walsh is another perfect Christmas read. The action begins and ends in the present but the main body of the book is set in November and December 1980.

It is a book about awakenings and transforming lives. Rick is happy with his life living in a condo and working in business when he gets a call from his mother Leanne, to come and look after the Book Nook. His stepfather Art is in hospital with an aneurism. Rick reluctantly comes. He is the complete opposite of warm, loving, easy going Art and Leanne. Rick is far from God, motivated by business targets, money, outward appearances and he has little time for people. Rick is way out of his comfort zone in the Christian bookstore. Maybe time away from his pressurised job is just what Rick needs even though it is not what he wants.

Prayer is the most powerful thing anyone can do. Prayer may be answered immediately or over many years but it is always answered. There are many prayers uttered within the novel and there are many answers.

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Keeping Christmas by Dan Walsh

A Love That Binds

Keeping ChristmasKeeping Christmas by Dan Walsh is a perfect read in the lead up to Christmas.

Stan and Judith are ’empty nesters’. Their three children are grown up and have moved several states away. None of them could come for Thanksgiving, and then they individually dropped the bombshell – none of them could afford to come for Christmas. Stan takes it in his stride. Judith hits rock bottom.

Dan Walsh covers the theme of depression sensitively. He shows how quickly one can reach the bottom of the pit, in spite of having the loving support of a spouse and friends. And how hard it is to lift oneself out of that pit.

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