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Finding Friends On Beamer Street by Sheila Riley

With Love And Laughter

Finding Friends On Beamer Street by Sheila Riley is a wonderful historical novel set in Liverpool in 1921.

The leading lady is admirable and likable. Fresh off the boat from Ireland, she possesses a strength of character and has a will to succeed. She will stand her ground against anyone.

Dreams are important. We all need something to strive for. The reader admires the lead character who does not let set backs hold her back. She uses them as stepping stones towards her goals.

A character is drowning in guilt. An event in the past has a stranglehold as a character continues to punish themselves by denying themselves anything but the basics.

Only a few years after the first world war has ended means life is tough for those who lost husbands and fathers. They could let grief pull them down but instead they live and love and laugh. The wonderful feeling of love and care radiates from the pages.

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