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The Collaborator’s Daughter by Eva Glyn

A Beacon Of Hope

The Collaborator’s Daughter by Eva Glyn is a compelling dual timeline tale that I read in just one sitting. This is a tale that enthralls, entertains and enchants the reader. It is a tale that blends fact and fiction, educating as you read.

Much of the book is set in 2010 Croatia but looking backwards to 1944 after the Nazi’s had fled. The lead character grew up in England, after her mother fled with her in 1944. She longs to know her roots, seeking out her father – was he hero or traitor?

It is also a story about new beginnings. We are never too old for a fresh start. The two lead characters are in their sixties. They both have tragedies, regrets and sorrows behind them. Is it time to take a chance, grasp life and learn to live again?

Croatia in 2010 is very different from 1944 when fear and tension were all around, and trust was in short supply. In contrast, in 2010 lives live in freedom, tasting food and coffee, experiencing sun, sea and laughter. As the past unravels, lives in present day mirror the course and open up.

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The Cheesemaker’s House by Jane Cable

Cover Reveal

The Cheesemaker’s House

A new start means new neighbours, from present and past…

When Alice discovers her husband has been cheating there are just three things she wants; their gorgeous second home in Yorkshire, their spaniel William, and a quiet life.

But no sooner than she arrives in Great Fencote, strange things begin to happen. A skinny-dipping swimmer disappears without trace, only to pop up behind the counter of a local coffee shop. Someone seems to be crying at night, but she can’t work out who. And equally unsettling is the incredibly sexy builder she employs to turn her barn into a holiday let.

Old houses hide old secrets, but is The Cheesemaker’s House ready to share the tragedy in its past? And can Alice, café owner Owen, and builder Richard, find a way to lays its ghosts to rest for once and for all?

The perfect read for fans of Barbara Erskine, Kate Ryder and Jenni Keer.

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