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A Date To Die For by E. V. Hunter

Cosy Crime At It’s Best

A Date To Die For by E V Hunter is a contemporary cosy crime that I read in just one sitting.

The characters were all well drawn, likable and realistic. The leading pair made quite a crime-busting duo – the private investigator and the journalist, accompanied by a very savvy cat called Cosmo! Cosmo has a nose that sniffs out the good and the bad. He turns from a purring fluffball to a hissy, bitey machine in an instant. Cosmo’s presence brings warmth and realism to the tale. The human pair also have noses for a crime, knowing just what questions to ask and where to look, and the tenacity to keep going.

Unfortunately, we witness generational patterns of behaviour that seem doomed to repeat. Those in positions of power and responsibility abuse it.

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