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The Players by Darren O’Sullivan

Shockingly Good

The Players by Darren O’Sullivan is a gripping psychological suspense that will hook you in from the start.

This is a terrifying read because it could be real. As Darren O’Sullivan ramps up the action, the reader’s heart-rate rises. The Players is shockingly good. I immersed myself so deeply in the action that I literally yelled out ‘No!’ at one point.

There is a monster running amok in Peterborough who holds all the cards with the police seemingly powerless. “He was a monster hiding in plain sight, a monster that looked just like them, that sounded just like them.” Evil does have a face but it is a face just like you or me. It is a face that blends in and that is a terrifying thought.

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Dark Corners by Darren O’Sullivan

Building Suspense

Dark Corners by Darren O’Sullivan is a cracking psychological thriller that will have the hairs on the back of your neck rising as the tension builds.

The novel has two time frames – now and twenty one years earlier – the action is inextricably linked. The reader holds their breath as the novel counts down from six weeks before the event. It was to be an event from which no one recovered and an event which would forever bind the people together.

Secrets unite and secrets split apart. A secret shared may be a trauma released or a burden picked up. PTSD follows the characters down the years.

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Closer Than You Think by Darren O’Sullivan

Can You Work It Out?

Closer Than You Think by Darren O’Sullivan is a very thrilling contemporary psychological thriller that will definitely have your heart racing. I can honestly say that the tension in me rose as I sped towards the wow, wow, wow moment!

Closer Than You Think is not a book to be read alone, or at night. This book will give you nightmares and send your blood pressure soaring.

The action is written from the point of view of the killer in the third person and the intended victim in the first. Tensions rise for the reader as we know what the killer intends to do and when they intend to do it.

The plotline was very cleverly thought out. I am afraid I made exactly the same mistakes as the victim did. I was manipulated by the author and I didn’t realise it at the time. Brilliant.

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