Keeping Bailey by Dan Walsh

Heart Warming

Keeping Bailey by Dan Walsh is the most heart-warming contemporary Christian novel that I adored. It is the fourth and final book in A Forever Home series but can be read as a stand-alone. I recommend reading the previous books first for continuity of characters. I enjoyed meeting up with familiar faces. All the books are most charming and the characters are wonderful.

As with the previous books, we ‘hear’ Bailey’s voice. Dan Walsh has perfectly captured her hurt and confusion following the death of one of her owners and her other owner having to go into residential care. We see a dog who is depressed and in need of a rescue. We also see a human character who needs rescuing from her loneliness. What happens next is beautiful.

Bailey is a loyal dog, brave and true. She can sniff out danger and alert her humans.

Bailey does not forget her previous owners. Her heart is big enough to encompass love for her past and present owners.

I have adored all the books in A Forever Home series. They are all charming and will make you smile.


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