Finding Riley by Dan Walsh

Relentlessly Searching

Finding Riley by Dan Walsh is the most heartwarming, contemporary Christian novel that I read just one sitting. It is the second book in A Forever Home series but can be read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed meeting up with some familiar faces from book one.

Spaniel, Riley, is definitely the star of the show. Part of the book is written through his eyes. Dan Walsh has perfectly crafted his words so we believe that it is Riley who is ‘speaking.’

We see how dogs interact with people and brighten their day. They also cause previously closed up characters to open up and let in love, in the canine form.

We also witness the devastation in lives when pets are lost. We see the lengths to which some will go, relentlessly searching for their dog. This reminds us of God, who relentlessly searches for us if we have strayed from Him. 

Prayer is important. God hears all our prayers. “Prayed ‘Jesus, save us.’ “ Jesus loves to rescue us from our situations. He longs to restore that which is lost. We must keep the faith, listening for His reply and remembering to thank Him, whatever the outcome.

There is also the theme of homelessness. The homeless also have their fears, hopes and dreams just like we do.

We see good hearts who help where they can. They use their resources to improve lives. Money is no good if we cling tightly to it, making it our god. Money should be used for good, wherever we can.

I absolutely adored Finding Riley. I am loving A Forever Home series. It is heartwarming as well as revealing the Father’s heart.


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