Saving Parker by Dan Walsh

Trusting Kindness

Saving Parker by Dan Walsh is the most delightful contemporary Christian novel that I loved. It is the third book in A Forever Home series but can be read as a stand-alone. I loved meeting up with familiar faces and would recommend reading the previous books first.

Saving Parker is about a rescue. There are the physical rescues of a mistreated dog called Parker and also of a boy from the bullies. The reader is reminded that God rescues us from our situations. We can trust His leading. We learn about empowering ourselves to defeat the bad guys but it must be in self-defense and not to seriously wound.

The book is about trusting too. Parker had learnt to be afraid of humans, now he must learn to trust that humans can offer kindness too.

Parker repays kindness with loyalty. He steps in to rescue those he loves when he senses danger. We are reminded that God also steps in to protect us when life comes knocking.

We cannot stop bad things from happening to us but we can choose how to respond. We need to commit our lives and our loved ones into God’s care. We must cover those we love with prayer.

Life may make us fearful. We were never meant to live in fear. God asks us to surrender our fear to Him and to trust that HE is good and faithful, even when life isn’t.

I adored Saving Parker. All the characters were wonderfully drawn. I love the fact that we ‘hear’ Parker’s voice in the novel. It is a charming read.


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