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A Door County Christmas by Various

The Christmas Cacti

A Door County Christmas is a wonderful collection of four Christian Christmas tales. All are unique but linked by Christmas cacti, common themes, locations, characters and events. The reader is in for a real treat. So grab yourself a copy, sit back and enjoy.

The Heart’s Harbor by Cynthia Ruchti is a delightful, warm tale with wonderful characters that will lodge in your heart. The action revolves around festive fare and an inn at Christmas. Taste buds are tempted. Romance bubbles. Meddling is guaranteed. With warmth and humour make this a fabulous opening story.

Ride With Me Into Christmas by Rachael Phillips is delightful, showing no matter how old we are, God still has plans for us. Romance is not just for the young. Romance in the twilight years is a gentle affair. Grief, forgiveness and prayer are also themes. Love and kindness when coupled with prayer can change hearts. A wonderful tale.

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A Fragile Hope by Cynthia Ruchti

With Love, Jesus

A Fragile Hope by Cynthia Ruchti is a contemporary Christian novel. It is the most beautiful book. Once again, Cynthia Ruchti has washed over my soul with her words. A Fragile Hope will make you cry but it is so beautiful that it will leave you feeling calm and with a peace that can only come from an intimate acquaintance with the God who loves you.

A Fragile Hope has many themes including steadfast love from God who “never says ‘go away.’ ” God’s presence permeates the novel. He shines through Cynthia Ruchti’s word and His love pierces my heart. God’s love has no boundaries. Jesus went to the cross “on the night He was betrayed” for everyone of us. “A Man deciding – choosing – to love.”

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Restoring Christmas by Cynthia Ruchti

Hope Restored

christmasRestoring Christmas by Cynthia Ruchti is a beautiful contemporary Christian romance. Cynthia Ruchti writes the most delightful novels that draw me in from the very first page and keep me hooked to the end. Her novels are always honouring God and contain wonderful characters. Her words always warm my heart.

Restoring Christmas is about restoring the real meaning of Christmas. “Restoring what’s been damaged – the human-God connection.” It is about the gift of hope to a hurting world. “Hope isn’t always shiny.” Hope is what can bring a smile to our faces and a beat to our heart.

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Song Of Silence by Cynthia Ruchti

Be Blessed

Song of SilenceSong Of Silence by Cynthia Ruchti is a contemporary Christian novel and oh what a powerful read it is. I love everything that Cynthia Ruchti writes and always know that I will be in for a real treat, but Song Of Silence is something extra special. It is brutally honest, it is touching and it is hauntingly beautiful.

Lucy lives, sleeps and eats music. As funding is cut, so music disappears from the curriculum and Lucy loses not only her job but her passion. And even worse, she loses her joy “when they closed down the music program they stole the joy of music.”Song Of Silence deals with how to continue living when everything inside feels like it is dying. The rug pulled out from under her, how will Lucy survive? Every day is a struggle.

Cynthia Ruchti writes sensitively about forced early retirement. When one’s purpose for breathing is removed, how does one cope? Lucy experiences a myriad of emotions which are easy to empathise with. Lucy refers to herself as “driveable but broken.” She is going through the motions of living but is unsure about what the future holds.

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