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The Seven Year Slip by Ashley Poston

Chasing The Moon

The Seven Year Slip by Ashley Poston is the most beautiful contemporary novel that I absolutely loved. I savored every word.

This is a novel about love – but it is not your conventional tale. Ashley Poston has created a unique story that is so very beautiful and will warm your heart.

Love happens in very different circumstances. We see a variety of love within the novel – between couples, family members and friendships. Love unites and binds down the years. There are some truly heartwarming moments as dialogue bounces between the characters.

When love leaves, it hurts. Sometimes love is torn apart through circumstances and sometimes through death. “Sometimes the people you love don’t leave you with goodbyes – they just leave.” There is raw grief on display within the novel.

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The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

Blowing In The Wind

The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston is the most delightful novel that wraps around the reader, filling them with love.

This is a book that I never wanted to end. It was beautifully written and just sank into my heart and soul.

This was a book about love. It was a love that was not confined to the here and now but a love that defied space and time.

And this was a book that makes you feel good, as you experience the love. It was also a book that made you feel whimsical, as I kept thinking ‘oh no, if only…’ As I read towards the conclusion I did yell a loud ‘Oh yes!’ at a certain point – see if you do too.

A major theme was that of grief and loss as the family own and run a funeral home. But among the loss and the grief lives love. Love is a lasting legacy. Love says we lived even though we are now gone.

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