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One Last Secret by Adele Parkes

Coming 8th December 2022

One Last Secret by Adele Parks is due out 8th December. Please see the trailer here


Pre-order your copy today. It’s a great read.

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One Last Secret by Adele Parks

Oh! Wow!

One Last Secret by Adele Parks is a marvellous contemporary psychological thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. It is a compulsive read that I could not put down.

The reader enters a world that is shady and secretive. All sorts of people are hiding who they really are. It is a world of secrets and lies, play acting and imagination.

The reader joins a character in this world as we wonder what is real? What is imagined? Can what our eyes see and our ears hear be trusted? A character finds herself unable to trust her senses.

As the action heats up, the reader is completely glued as one jaw dropping moment follows another, and another! As I finished the book, my mouth was open in an ‘Oh! Wow!’

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Both Of You by Adele Parks

A Clue Or A Red Herring?

Both Of You by Adele Parks is a marvellous contemporary psychological suspense that will have you looking this way and that as you try to guess the perpetrator.

Two women go missing, two husbands are distraught, two police officers lead the hunt – and what they discover will be the moment that everything changes for the reader – we have to try to guess the ‘who’ as we believe we know the ‘why’.

I suspected several characters – leaning first towards one and then another and then back again – as I tried to guess who had orchestrated the crime.

Adele Parks created a thrilling read told from several alternating points of view and time periods. There were clues and red herrings peppered throughout but which line to follow?

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Just My Luck by Adele Parks

Kept Me Up At Night

Just My Luck by Adele Parks is a fabulous contemporary psychological thriller that will mess with your mind and emotions.

An ordinary house in suburbia. An ordinary family with an ordinary life – until a day that changes everything. Just My Luck examines the fall-out that happens when everything changes. What you thought you wanted, what you thought you knew, who you thought you were – the ground shifts and everyone envies you.

There is the huge question of truth and lies, and trust. Adele Parks has created a marvellous novel that will consume you as you try to separate the truth from the lies. There is a stark warning – be careful what you wish for. Be content with what you have.

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