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A Year Of Mr Maybes by Judy Leigh

Celebrating The Simple Things

A Year Of Mr Maybes by Judy Leigh is the most delightful contemporary novel about living your life to the full whatever your age.

It was so refreshing to have the leading characters in their seventies and eighties. Traditionally, people think of slowing down as they get older – but not this wonderful bunch of people. Life is for living. And life is for living now.

We get out of life what we put in. Within the novel we meet some very high energy characters who come together to make their village a better, cleaner, greener place. They are very community minded – needs are identified and met. New faces are made welcome.

The characters bounce off each other as friendships are formed. They bring out the best in each other – whether in their 20’s or 80’s. I loved the wise young man of twenty five with autism who dispensed wisdom to seventy year olds. We are never too old to learn lessons from the young.

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