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A Christmas Tail by Cressida McLaughlin

Absolutely Delightful

A Christmas Tail by Cressida McLaughlin is an absolutely delightful contemporary novel that will make you smile. The title is misleading – although Christmas is celebrated at the end of the book, the novel covers the whole year.

We follow the lead character, Cat, who is an enthusiastic, novice dog-walker as the book opens. Life is chaotic and never dull with Cat around. The dogs all have their unique personalities and endear themselves to the reader.

Cat is a very charming leading lady. She has a huge heart and is a ‘fixer’ but sometimes this lands her in hot water.

There is the pantomime villain in the story who turns out to be misguided and not so bad after all.

Within the tale there is conflict between those who love dogs and a few who don’t – but are determined to spoil life for others.

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A Christmas Tail by Tornadia Storm

A Cat Lovers Treat

A Christmas Tail by Tornadia Storm is a delightful tale for young children and cat lovers everywhere.

We follow eleven cats as they celebrate Christmas inside – for the first time for many of them. The owners of two cats are rather surprised when more turn up on their doorstep but they hand out hospitality and care.

A Christmas Tail has all the elements for Christmas – snow, Santa, skating etc. Each page offers up a new delight for the reader.

All the book is beautifully illustrated as different cat personalities are captured by words and pictures. Each page offers up a new opportunity for discussions with our children.

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