A Christmas Tail by Tornadia Storm

A Cat Lovers Treat

A Christmas Tail by Tornadia Storm is a delightful tale for young children and cat lovers everywhere.

We follow eleven cats as they celebrate Christmas inside – for the first time for many of them. The owners of two cats are rather surprised when more turn up on their doorstep but they hand out hospitality and care.

A Christmas Tail has all the elements for Christmas – snow, Santa, skating etc. Each page offers up a new delight for the reader.

All the book is beautifully illustrated as different cat personalities are captured by words and pictures. Each page offers up a new opportunity for discussions with our children.

A Christmas Tail is a perfect addition to any child’s winter/festive library. It is a real treat for cat lovers.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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