Courageous Cats by Norah Evers

Four Legged Heroes

Courageous Cats by Norah Evers is a most charming little book with five unique true stories about five unique cats. The tales range from the Crimean war to present day. Each cat is a four-legged hero.

Each story is told in the third person from the point of view of the cat. They each perform a rescue service. They are all heroes.

Cats develop bonds with their owners. They are often portrayed as loners and selfish but nothing could be further from the truth. Cats are loyal, loving and giving. They have a unique sixth sense and are able to tell when something is wrong. They can sniff out anything dangerous, even cancer. Cats can quite literally be life savers.

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Christmas At The Cat Cafe by Jessica Redland

Purrfectly Wonderful

Christmas At The Cat Café by Jessica Redland is the most wonderful contemporary festive offering that I just could not get enough of. I think Jessica Redland wrote her book just for me! I am a crazy cat lady who also has fibromyalgia. I like nothing better than to be surrounded by cats whilst wearing cat themed clothing! I talk to every cat I meet. I adored all of our cats and miss those who are now running free over Rainbow Bridge.

Christmas At The Cat Café spoke to my heart and soul. I ‘lived’ the role of the lead character. My heart broke at one stage and tissues were definitely needed!

Another thing that helped me step into the role was the cats’ names. I too, had a Smudge and a Marmalade. Sadly, now both are running free over Rainbow Bridge.

I identified with the lead character and the way she viewed fibromyalgia. She echoes everything that I feel and do about the very misunderstood fibromyalgia. I see myself with brain fog, aching limbs, restless limbs and more. Hopefully after Jessica Redland’s marvellous book, more people will have an understanding of fibro.

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Ebony The Cat by Frances Ive

Just Purrfect

Ebony The Cat by Frances Ive is a charming tale and just perfect for ages eight and over. This is a cat-lovers delight.

Ebony The Cat is told from the point of view of Ebony. This enables us to see the world as she sees it. We can help our children to understand why cats behave as they do. Often fear is a motivating factor. We hear about her life as a stray cat after her owners dumped her, and her search for a new home.

Life is hard as a stray cat. There are so many dangers to look out for. Life within a house can be confusing too.

Throughout the novel there are fun facts about cats in comparison with humans and dogs. You can be educated as well as entertained.

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Socks by Beverly Clearly

For Cat Lovers Everywhere

Socks by Beverly Clearly is a delightful children’s novel for ages five years and older. More confident readers will be able to read the book themselves. Younger children will enjoy listening to the story.

The story is told from the point of view of Socks, a young kitten in need of a home. As a crazy cat lady, I found the tale particularly charming.

There were a few hair-raising moments for Socks, which as a life-long cat owner, I found easy to empathise with.

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