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The Prophet And The Dove by Kirby Lee Davis

To Aid Understanding

The Prophet And The Dove by Kirby Lee Davis is an epic story of the familiar biblical tale of Jonah. It is the first book in The Jonah Cycle.

Kirby Lee Davis has put legs on the well-known story of Jonah. Extensive research enables the tale to come to life. There is much that is familiar and with comprehensive descriptions the reader ‘walks’ through the action.

We learn about the heart of God and the importance of obedience. “When the Lord says go, you do not cast off His hand for lack of directions.” God will provide enough light for the step we are on. We can trust Him to guide us the rest of the way in His timing.

Wicked men come under the scrutiny of God. The Old Testament has some brutal and blood thirsty scenes.

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The Road To Renewal by Kirby Lee Davis

Focus On Jesus

The Road To Renewal by Kirby Lee Davis is a Christian novel that certainly messes with your head. I enjoyed it, although at times I found it hard to get my head around the action – what was real? What was imagined? The novel was certainly realistic as it showed the battles we all have inside our head as our spiritual side wars with our flesh side.

When life hits hard and keeps hitting, what do you do? “It’s [the cross] the only hope I’ve got.” Sometimes we find ourselves clinging on and just surviving more than coping. It’s at times like these that we really need to keep focused on the cross and remember what Jesus did for us.

Life throws choices at us. We have decisions to make, paths to choose and consequences that follow. We need to fix our eyes on Jesus and try to respond how He would. If we mess up, we must not beat ourselves up but learn the lessons, forgive ourselves and move on.

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A Year In The Lives Of God’s Furry Angels by Kirby Lee Davis

God Works Through All Things

A Year In The Lives Of God’s Furry Angels by Kirby Lee Davis is the perfect companion to God’s Furry Angels. The stories run parallel as the reader puts meat on the bones of the original story.

This book expands on the lives of the characters both human and four legged. We hear of all the exploits.

It is a book of love and trust. The love and trust of God for all. The love and trust of owners and their cats. This deep bond is clearly illustrated by the deep pain caused by loss. Death cannot break the bond.

There are some highly amusing moments as cats clearly rule the roost and are not afraid to show it.

God is faithful. He can be trusted, especially in the dark times. “She’ll not give up… she will pray instead.” Prayer is powerful. It is our lifeline to God.

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God’s Furry Angels by Kirby Lee Davis

God’s Gift

God’s Furry Angels by Kirby Lee Davis is the most beautiful Christian allegorical tale. It is timeless and deserves to be on everyone’s bookshelves. This book can be enjoyed by the very young to the very old. Whether you read it yourself or have it read to you, it is sheer beauty. It is also a cautionary tale.

Bridget, a young kitten can be seen as a motif for all of us. There are lessons we can all learn. When life seems comfortable and safe and we have all we could possibly need, why oh why do we yearn to escape to where the grass appears greener? Why does food, shelter and love not seem to be enough?

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