Just For The Summer by Melody Carlson

Positively Charming

Just For The Summer by Melody Carlson is a positively charming contemporary Christian novel that I just did not want to end.

Melody Carlson has created an eclectic mix of characters to entertain the reader. They were all realistic, with some having kinder character traits than others. Curmudgeonly old Jack was easy to imagine. His way of doing business was in direct contrast to slick but cold-hearted Diana. Likewise, warm-hearted Ginny was the direct opposite to career-aspiring Jacqueline. The characters complemented each other, showing that different skill sets are needed at different times. Most important of all, is having a kind heart.

The premise of the book is a job swap for the summer. Ginny, who works for a top Seattle hotel, swaps this for Jacqueline’s Grandad’s fishing lodge, just for the summer. Two managers. Two different skill sets. Two locations. One summer. It all equals a wonderful recipe for a wonderful read.

Clean fresh air and an outdoor life contrast with slick, city living. One location brings freedom, the other smothers. It all depends on personality type as to which place characters will bloom best.

We see the importance of having faith in God and in building that relationship through prayer. When we don’t know what to do, we must pray for guidance. “Ginny prayed a silent prayer – asking God to guide her – then she waited.” We must remember to take turns to talk and to listen to God.

When life is confusing and we cannot see what to do – give it to God. “She gave it all to God, repeating ‘Your will be done.’“ Being in God’s will is the safest place to be.

Relationships between the generations can be complex. We witness a grandfather/granddaughter clash. The love is there but they are two opposing personalities. There is a divorced Dad who has a strained relationship with his daughter. He wants her to enjoy all the stuff that he does but has not taken into account that she is a totally different personality. The pursuits he enjoys, she fears. It is important to help people through their fears and not bulldoze them.

There is much kindness within the novel. Kindness helps others to thrive.

Melody Carlson is masterful at painting pictures with her words. She enabled me to have a marvellous time at the fishing lodge with all the wholesome characters and fresh air.

Give yourself a treat and immerse yourself in Just For The Summer today. You will be glad you did.

I received a free copy from Baker Publishing. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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