An Eagle In The Snow by Michael Morpurgo

Wow – What An Ending!

An Eagle In The Snow by Michael Morpurgo is a powerful historical children’s novel that I loved. It is perfect for ages ten years and over. It is based on fact, on the actions of Private Henry Tandey in World War I. It is an inspiring and amazing tale. It will educate you as you read. At the end of the book is a brief history of Henry Tandey’s life.

War is futile. Politicians send young men on both sides to be slaughtered. No one wins. Everyone loses. “We had won, but it didn’t feel like winning, it never does.”

Young men were changed by war. Some lived. Some died. Survivors were wracked with guilt. No matter how many years had passed, you couldn’t escape the war. “The war stayed in his head… It’s the same for all of us who’ve fought in a war. You don’t forget. You can’t. You want to, but you can’t.”

We see World War I through the eyes of a veteran and a son of Coventry, who is on a train journey during World War II. We are shown the terror of being strafed by a Nazi plane whilst on a train.

We hear of the bonds made in the Pals regiments during the first World War.

And we see how a snap decision had far reaching consequences down the years.

An Eagle In The Snow has a superb, jaw-dropping ending. I found it such a powerful read.


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