The Paris Spy’s Girl by Amanda Lees

So Brave

The Paris Spy’s Girl by Amanda Lees is a simply marvellous historical novel that I just could not put down. Though fictional, it is grounded in fact.

The novel is set in Paris in the latter part of World War II. We do ‘hear’ snippets from 1938 as we learn what led up to the character being here.

We witness the bravery needed to be an agent in Paris for Britain during the war. There were also skills needed to extract information and then pass it on.

There appears to be a double agent as every time agents parashoot into France, the Nazis are waiting for them. The truth is most horrifying and almost unbelievable.

Trust is in short supply. Characters must be on high alert. Many operate as lone wolves. It is safer that way.

To form friendships may lead to heartbreak.

The Paris Spy’s Girl was a thrilling and exciting read. It was very atmospheric and the tension was high. I ‘lived’ through the action and am sorry it is ended. I will leave you with my favourite quote, showing the strength of character that the war produced:

“He was … one of our deadliest weapons… The Nazis trusted him implicitly, believing he was one of their own.”

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


Book Description, based on true events

Paris, 1943. I stare at Charlie across the crowded room. Working deep undercover, we’re surrounded by Nazi high command. Slowly, he smiles at me and my breath catches. I have to trust him, or we’re both dead…

As war rages across France, English exile Christine has become the most deadly asset the British Secret Service has in occupied Paris. But when Suzanne, her best friend and the sole agent who knows the details of the top-secret D-Day landings, is betrayed to the Nazis by someone at the heart of their spy network, she is devastated. Going undercover with Charlie – a handsome but elusive American spy with an agenda of his own – is her only chance to catch the traitor in their midst.

Pretending to be not only Nazi collaborators but lovers too, they must save Suzanne from almost certain death and prevent the D-Day landing plans from ending up in the wrong hands. But as Christine and Charlie’s pretend desire turns to true love, her past – and the real reason she had to leave England forever – puts their whole mission in terrible danger.

With the Nazis closing in and Suzanne’s life on the line, Christine is forced into one last, desperate act: heading back into deepest, darkest enemy territory, knowing her disguise could have been exposed. With even her trust in Charlie shaken, will Christine have to choose between her love for him, her best friend’s life, and freedom for France? And who will pay the ultimate sacrifice…?

A totally compelling, page-turning historical novel of love, bravery and sacrifice in the darkest of times. Set in wartime Paris, this is an utterly gripping and tear-jerking read perfect for readers of Kate Quinn, Rhys Bowen and Mandy Robotham.

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About the author:

Amanda Lees is an author, broadcaster and an actress. She has written for, or contributed to, the Evening Standard, The Times, US Cosmopolitan and Company Magazine, as well as numerous online publications. Amanda appears regularly on BBC radio and LBC and was a contracted writer to the hit series Weekending on Radio 4.

As well as her new World War Two romantic thriller series, she has published two bestselling satirical fiction novels, a YA thriller trilogy and a number of non-fiction titles including The Dictionary of Crime.

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