No 23 Burlington Square by Jenni Keer

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No 23 Burlington Square by Jenni Keer is a marvellous historical novel that consumed me.

The action is set in 1927 in a large house in London.

All the characters were well drawn and fully rounded. I did not like one of the leading ladies at first. She seemed entitled and a party girl but once the reader realizes what motivates her, we can see that beneath her exterior beats a heart of gold.

We see what war did for women. It enabled them to have more freedoms as they stepped into the jobs vacated by men. The women were reluctant to go back to being seen as property of the men or in loveless marriages. There is much courage when women stand up for who they really are.

During the war the men fought for freedom. At home, the women now fight for their freedoms. The workers did not want to be shackled.

There was still a class system. “The accident of your birth determined your status in the world.” As the 1920’s progressed, the class system was beginning to be eroded.

The plotline was extremely well thought out and executed. An old house had rooms in it rented out. There were three candidates. The book is split into three as we see three alternatives given, depending on who would have rented the room. It was cleverly done.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the glimpse of a bygone era.

I received a free copy via Rachel’s Random Resources for a blog tour. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


No 23 Burlington Square

London, 1927: One house. Three lives. A decision that will change everything. A powerful, unique timeslip story, perfect for fans of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoThe Miniaturist, and Lucinda Riley.

On the morning of Friday 5th August, 1927, Miss Agnes Humphries – the landlady of the attractive, if-slightly-shabby, white-fronted townhouse at Number 23 Burlington Square – has a decision to make.

The rooms of the second floor lie empty, since poor Mr Blandford’s unfortunate demise, God rest his soul. And Agnes must make up her mind as to who will be her new lodger… Will it be her spirited, young niece Clara, who drifts through the glamorous world of London’s Bright Young Things? Or Stephen, the sensible, church-going, respectable banker who seems just be too good to be true? Or the timid war widow named Mercy, who is clearly running from something – or someone…?

Agnes must choose between them. But what will her decision lead to? One of the choices could result in scandal, one in devastation, and one could even lead to happiness. If only she gets it right…

As all three lodgers enter Number 23, in alternate timelines, relationships are formed and destroyed, feathers are ruffled, and secrets are exposed. Three different choices. Three very different paths. And Agnes is to discover that nobody – including herself – is quite who they seem…

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Jenni Keer is the well-reviewed author of historical romances, often with a mystery at their heart. Most recently published by Headline and shortlisted for the 2023 RNA Historical Romantic Novel of the Year, her first book with Boldwood The House on Burlington Square will be released in October 2023.

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