Take Me Home by Beth Moran

Learning To Live Again

Take Me Home by Beth Moran is a delightful contemporary novel that warmed my heart and made me smile.

The novel is about friendship and love. The fragrance of love wafts over the whole novel. It is a love between friends that brings out the best in each other. It is a love that looks for goodness. It is a love that builds up and doesn’t tear down. It is a love that gives strength and encouragement to others, helping them to live abundantly free.

A character is suffering from a trauma that has held her captive for years. She has hidden from the world, never getting close to anyone for fear that they would leave. A locked-up heart is free from new hurts but cocooned in old pain. The locks need to be severed and a character needs to learn to take a chance on love and begin to live again.

We see the hurt that so-called family members inflicted on a life – literally and figuratively locking a character up and damaging her for decades.

We see a love that does not die. The years pass but the love remains.

All the characters were delightfully drawn, likable and realistic. They ranged from mid twenties to late fifties. They were an eclectic mix but all had huge hearts. I loved the inclusion of a couple of dogs. Dogs give unconditional love and loyalty.

Home is a major theme in the book. Home is not always found in bricks and mortar but in the arms of flesh and blood.

The novel was written in alternating time periods – in present day and in the past as we learnt the history of a family home.

Take Me Home was very charming and I absolutely loved it.

I received a free copy via Rachel’s Random Resources for a blog tour. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


Take Me Home

Sophie Potter’s job is helping people deal with the worst, because Sophie Potter knows what the worst feels like.

An expert at keeping moving, with her trusty motorhome and faithful dog Muffin, Sophie has built her life around keeping her loves and loyalties as few as possible.

Fabulous fifty-something Hattie Langford has kept her heart and past safely stored away too. But for reasons she’s only willing to share with a stranger, Hattie needs to tell the story her family has been hiding at Riverbend, their home in Sherwood Forest. There is a history of heartbreak and hurt that Hattie is ready to face.

As Sophie helps Hattie uncover the secrets of generations of women who have lived at Riverbend, along with the stories of the men they have loved and lost, they start to see echoes in their own pasts. And as Riverbend shares its biggest secret of all, can Hattie and Sophie finally embrace the lives they’ve put on hold for so long, and risk their hearts to men who can break the Riverbend curse?

Purchase Link – https://mybook.to/takemehomesocial

Author Bio –

Beth Moran is the award winning author of ten contemporary fiction novels, including the top ten bestselling Just the Way You Are. Her books are set in and around Sherwood Forest, where she can be found most mornings walking with her spaniel Murphy. She has the privilege of also being a foster carer to teenagers, and enjoys nothing better than curling up with a pot of tea and a good story.

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