The Echoes Of Love by Jenny Ashcroft

Wow – Mesmerising!

The Echoes Of Love by Jenny Ashcroft is a marvellous historical novel that totally consumed me.

The action is mainly set during World War II on the occupied island of Crete. It also features Crete in 1936 and also an interview in 1974 with subject #17. The interview intersperses the action as #17 tells of what he did and saw in Crete during WWII. We ‘see’ some of the war through #17’s eyes but mainly through the eyes of the two lead characters.

1936 Crete was a time of gaiety, warmth and freedom. It was in complete contrast to the grey constricting Germany where the clouds of war were darkening. In Crete characters could be themselves. There was no such thing as forbidden love.

Life in London during WWII also contrasted with the brightness of Crete.

A much needed skill in languages came into its own in the war. We witness the bravery and the ability to blend in as a character returns to Crete to the summers of their youth, to help with the war effort, in the hope of saving lives.

The whole novel is beautifully written. It is a timeless love affair, cruelly interrupted by war. It is also a book of memories – memories that have haunted a character for nearly thirty years.

The Echoes Of Love is a mesmerising tale that consumed me and I just could not put it down. It is undeniably beautiful

I received a free copy from the publishers for a blog tour. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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