A Wartime Secret by Helen Yendall

Life On The Homefront

A Wartime Secret by Helen Yendall is an epic novel set during 1940 that mesmerized me from the start.

The reader hears about life on the homefront as we follow a group of bank employees as they are relocated from London to the Cotswolds during the height of the Blitz. We see the camaraderie between the employees and the land girls as everyone does their bit for the war effort.

Many have secrets. For some if they came out, it could be catastrophic. We share the concerns of the characters and are able to empathise.

There are moments of immense bravery too – whether it’s learning to ride a tandem bicycle or something altogether more serious. There are pockets of courage.

The reader witnesses the strange affair that is an upper class marriage – made more for alliances than for love. It is less than appealing.

There were far reaching effects from World War I. Men who returned home from the battlefields often left part of themselves behind. Their relationships would be altered forever with their loved ones.

The Eastenders of London are a resilient bunch. They are the salt of the earth and very community minded. They keep calm and carry on, in spite of the devastation all around.

A Wartime Secret was a fabulous read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I received a free copy via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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