City Of Sinners by A.A. Dhand

Totally Gripping

City Of Sinners by AA Dhand is another compulsive crime thriller in the Harry Virdee series that had me hooked from the start.

Once more the reader returns to Bradford to join Harry Virdee in his fight against crime. Harry Virdee is a policeman fighting to clean up the streets of Bradford. He does what needs to be done to keep those he loves safe and to clean up the streets of the city he inhabits.

All the characters were well drawn, eliciting various emotional responses from the reader.

We ‘see’ the action through the eyes of Harry Virdee but we also ‘hear’ the voice of the killer from the start. We have to work out who it is… I failed miserably at that – again!

Honor runs throughout the families and hate runs deep. “Forgiving is much harder than carrying hate.” Some characters work hard at forgiving. Others cling to hate but this only serves to destroy them from the inside out. Stereotypes loom large in the mind of some. “He cannot see me for who I am. Only for what I am.”

Family is important. Family rifts have gone on for far too long. Is it time to work at reconciliation now?

The past collides with the present as events in the past link to present crimes.

I absolutely love this Harry Virdee Thriller series. I am always engrossed from the start. Harry Virdee is a very likable main character who gets things done. I think each book would make a fabulous Netflix series.


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