Smouldering Fire by D.E.Stevenson

Wow! Jaw Dropping!

Smouldering Fire by D E Stevenson is a compelling tale that will appeal to many of the reader’s emotions.

Written in 1935 it was a contemporary tale of its day but to the modern reader, it captures a moment in time where there are very different values compared with today.

The action is set in a village in Scotland with an ancient crumbling house at the centre. Needing maintenance but being unable to afford it, the owner rents the house to a couple from London. They play at being Lord and Lady of the manor.

There are a wonderful set of eclectic characters, each very unique. Some come with pretensions, others with fears and many with kind hearts. One of my favourite scenes was Mary Smith visiting her old friend where she displayed her kind nature.

In 1935 there was a huge social gap between the rich and the poor. If you made it out of poverty, your old friendships were left behind. And there was also a huge stigma attached to divorce. Thank goodness times have moved on.

There was a loyalty to the young laird – a loyalty and friendship that went to surprising lengths.

D E Stevenson brings the landscape to life with her rich description.

I was engrossed in the whole novel and read it in just one sitting. I must say that the conclusion took me by surprise as I had a jaw on the floor moment. I did not spot it coming! Why not grab yourself a copy and have a read today?


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