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Lost Souls by Jonathan Kellerman and Jessie Kellerman

Searching For The Past

Lost Souls by Jonathan Kellerman and Jessie Kellerman is a contemporary crime novel that had me guessing from the start. It is the third book in the Clay Edison series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Following a discovery of small bones, the hunt is on to find the identity and the truth. The reader joins the characters in the search for two babies of the 1960’s. The cases are similar and run parallel. The one search is for the child, the other for the parents.

Long buried secrets need to rise to the surface.

Families are complicated affairs – we view both discord from within and also harmony.

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Lost Souls by Jenny O’Brien


Lost Souls by Jenny O’Brien is a gripping contemporary crime thriller. It is the fourth book in the Detective Gaby Darin series but can be read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed catching up with familiar faces.

Once more the action is set around the Llandudno area. This is a place I am familiar with and therefore recognized many of the locations which, for me, added to the realistic feel of the book.

The police force is meticulous under the leadership of Gaby Darin. No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of solving crimes. Gaby Darin is efficient and also caring.

The reader witnesses the bond between a young pair of misfits. We see a teen with a huge capacity to care as he recognizes a fellow lost soul.

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Cruising On Ice by Kerry Evelyn


Cruising On Ice by Kerry Evelyn is a charming contemporary romance that will leave you smiling. It is the first book in the Palmer City Voltage series.

The novel is written in alternating chapters between the two lead characters. This enables the reader to become intimately acquainted with them both as we learn of their hopes and dreams.

Family is important. Family is all those who love and support you.

We all have hopes and dreams. Sometimes our dreams need to adapt and change. Those who love us encourage us to be the best version possible of ourselves.

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Missing by Erin Kinsley

A Fabulous Read

Missing by Erin Kinsley is a marvellous contemporary crime novel that consumed me from the start.

As the book opened I immediately had questions – what had happened to a character to make her arrive at that point? As the story unfolded, I had more questions but they were all answered by the end.

A twenty five year old cold case is re-opened as a detective needs to find the answers to a terrible crime. As the action unfolds, the reader becomes more horrified – someone must know the truth of one fateful night. The miracles of modern science provide answers to some of the questions.

Family is important. Family are those who love us. Sometimes families hide deep secrets that are too much to face.

Houses are important. They become homes and hold memories and ties to those who have gone before. A home is not necessarily bricks and mortar. “Home is the people who love you.”

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