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Missing by Erin Kinsley

A Fabulous Read

Missing by Erin Kinsley is a marvellous contemporary crime novel that consumed me from the start.

As the book opened I immediately had questions – what had happened to a character to make her arrive at that point? As the story unfolded, I had more questions but they were all answered by the end.

A twenty five year old cold case is re-opened as a detective needs to find the answers to a terrible crime. As the action unfolds, the reader becomes more horrified – someone must know the truth of one fateful night. The miracles of modern science provide answers to some of the questions.

Family is important. Family are those who love us. Sometimes families hide deep secrets that are too much to face.

Houses are important. They become homes and hold memories and ties to those who have gone before. A home is not necessarily bricks and mortar. “Home is the people who love you.”

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Missing by Lisa Harris

Rapidly Rising Heart Rate

MissingMissing by Lisa Harris is a contemporary Christian romantic thriller. It is the second book in the Nikki Boyd Files series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Missing is a compulsive read. As the body count rises so does the reader’s heart rate. It is a cleverly constructed thriller with a very detailed plot line. It was impossible to guess the outcome.

Missing is also a study in grief. People respond to grief in different ways. They have to learn to live a new type of normal. “The years eased the heartache, smoothed out the edges a bit, but it never went away.” Living through grief means remembering past events with a smile on your lips. Your memories need to keep you warm. “Moving through grief doesn’t come by forgetting. You get through it by remembering.”

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